About Us

Thermoset Moulding

Our company was established in 1977  with two hydraulic machines which has grown today to over 35 compression cum transfer & 18 injection molding machines (from 30 tones to 300 tones clamping force) located in three units with comprehensive facility for thermoset processing and with complete tool room support.

We supply to many ISO 9000 companies, critical switch gear components like MCCB housings, ACB components fuse switch body and cover, contact carriers, contactor housing, Thermoset moulding,Energy Meter Components, Automobile Parts & Development of new Molding Tools.

 Our product/activity  range includes :

  1. Switch Gear Components
  2. Contact Carriers and Contactor Housing
  3. Energy Meter Components
  4. Automobile Parts
  5. Cookware/Kitchenware handles
  6. Development of new Molding Tools.
  7. MCB`S Molding
  8. Distribution Boxes
  9. Insulator
  10. Reflectors
  11. Thermoset Moulding